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CBS Marketwatch: Feb 1, 2005, Fidelity courts retail brokerage clients

Fidelity provides some Investars 2005 data and metrics to its clients for free. Click here for the complete press release.

EQUITY RESEARCH NEWS sponsored by Integrity Research Associates, LLC. :
Jan 17, 2005, Investars to Offer New Research Delivery Platform

EQUITY RESEARCH NEWS sponsored by Integrity Research Associates, LLC. :
Jan 13, 2005, Counterpoint: Investars Makes Research Performance Tools Free

EQUITY RESEARCH NEWS sponsored by Integrity Research Associates, LLC. :
Jan 12, 2005, Investars Makes Research Performance Tools Free

The Wall Street Journal: Nov 5, 2004, Morningstar Tweaks Way It Checks On Company Stock Ratings

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The Financial News

Investment Dealers Digest
Investment Dealers Digest, 10/14/2002, The Research Conundrum: Citi's separation proposal may not solve problem.
At first glance, Citigroup/Salomon Smith Barney's offer to create a separate research company located within the financial behemoth appears to finally begin to seriously address the inherent conflicts of interest ...

Wall Street Journal, Oct 14, 2002, The Great Wall Street?

BusinessWeek, Oct 14 2002, A Chinese Wall -- or Several Fences? Oct 3, 2002, Goldman's Luster May Be Fading

National Post, Sep 27 2002, 'Indie' research thrives amid corporate chaos

National Post, Sep 27 2002, Make research pay for itself Sep 27, 2002, Independent Research a Tough Sell Jul 31, 2002, Congress Revisits the Street's Dark Side

Pensions & Investments
Pensions & Investments: Jul 22, 2002, JAYWALK'S NEW PARADIGM

Contra Costa Times: Jul 15, 2002, Detached analysis of stocks draws a crowd

NPR: Morning Edition: Jun 11, 2002, Independent stock analysts trying to capitalize on current conflict of interest concerns among the big brokerage houses on Wall Street Jun 9 2002, Investor's Confidence is Shaky

Chicago Tribune, 06/09/2002, Detached analysis draws a crowd

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The Daily Deal, 06/07/2002 Capital Calls
News from the world of private equity and venture capital. When KPS Special Situations Fund went shopping for a deal recently, it flashed its union card ...

Chicago Tribune, 06/04/2002 Independent researchers show strength
Everyone likes to feel protected, especially when it comes to family and finances. Unfortunately, turbulent world events, especially those with the ...

BusinessWeek, 06/03/2002 RESEARCH SHOULD PAY ITS OWN WAY
Everything was on the table when New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer began his crusade to clean up Merrill Lynch & Co. in April. Criminal charges. A restitution fund for investors. Even partial reinstatement of Depression-era ...

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Crain's New York Business, 06/03/2002 Indie research profits from fall of false idols : Unaffiliated firms ...
Jack Hidary has been looking forward to this morning for a long time. In the Seaport Room of the Marriott Financial Center Hotel on West Street, before an audience that will include City Council Speaker ...

Business Week Online : Jun 3, 2002, What Good Advice?

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Investment News, 05/27/2002 Presumption of innocence a boon for small research firms
Last week's agreement by Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc. to pay $100 million to settle allegations that its analysts misled investors with their recommendations sheds new light on the value of analyst independence. ... Apr 25, 2002, Looking for an Honest Analyst?

Financial Times: Apr 19, 2002, Lex: Merrill Lynch Apr 19, 2002, 'Buy' Ratings Criticized

Washington Post: Apr 14, 2002, Tired of Stock Answers?

Atlanta Business Chronicle: Mar 8, 2002, Independent research firm called Enron early

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Los Angeles Times: Feb 8, 2002, Proposed Rules for Analysts Get Solid Marks

Atlanta Business Chronicle: Jan 25, 2002, Bankers seek compromise over predatory lending Jan 22, 2002, Persoonlijke geldzaken: beter beleggen

Mingpaonews: Mingpaonews

Los Angeles Times: Dec 30, 2001, As Markets Rise Again, So Do Analysts

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Financial Times: Aug 1, 2001, Editorial comment: Hard sell

De Volkskrant: Aug 1, 2001, Beleggingsresultaat na bankadvies bedroevend (German)

Hearing on Wall Street Financial Analysts, July 31, 2001
Kei Kianpoor (Investars CEO) Testimony: Transcript

An Experiment Gone Bad Supports The Value Of Index Funds July 24, 2001

In Brief column July 23, 2001

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