Pay Express

A module for CSA/CCA payment processing and commission reporting
Payments from commission sharing (CSA) accounts may be sent to brokers and research providers.
  • One central information hub tracks execution and research commission payments to brokers, research firms and service vendors.
  • The Integrated Commission Tracking module is a comprehensive tracking, reporting and payment solution.
  • A seamless commission payment system enables you to send commission payment instructions to multiple brokers from one interface.
  • The system assists in reconciling and tracking CSA/CCA eligible and non-eligible trades and commissions based on client-defined rules.
  • Customized commission reports can be created by region, broker, portfolio manager and other data points as based on individual preferences and reporting requirements.
  • Clients can track and generate reports on execution and research commissions.
  • Investars Cross Subsidization shield ensures that you are not cross subsidizing portfolios with your CSA payments.
  • CSA allocations can be made at the portfolio manager of portfolio level, guaranteeing that your portfolio managers will have complete control over their research payments and that you will be implementing best practices as well as being in compliance of regulatory requirements across all jurisdictions.